1907 Edge Water Styling Razor

1907 Edge Water Styling Razor

1907 Edge Water Styling Razor HELPS YOU CUT THE LACE in a more effective way in and I need pattern without noticing the HD lace.

Mightily forged from 100% rust-resistant Stainless Steel, extra coated for durability and meticulously designed for a crisp clean smooth styling experience. With its ergonomic handle and evenly distributed weight, you will feel the quality in your hands. Helps cut the lace perfect zig zap shape 


 Enjoy smooth and precise hair thinning that's almost impossible to achieve with conventional thinning scissors. It's meant for folks who want to make a statement. That's why thinning razors are preferred choice of barbers, salons and hair enthusiasts. And SHE will thank you for it! 

1907 products are created with premium craftsmanship, high quality materials and next generation design. 1907 tools are beautifully crafted with natural materials and reliable designs.

• Easy blade replacement
• Great for blending and layering
• Includes one blade


BEYONCE edges are always laid you ever wondered why?!?

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