Indian Hair ( Remy Hair)  - The Best Kind Of Hair For Your Extensions & Wigs

Indian Hair ( Remy Hair) - The Best Kind Of Hair For Your Extensions & Wigs

Remy Hair is exceptional quality, Indian hair stands out as one of the most sought-after types in the hair extension industry. Fortunately, Bodied Hair offers a comprehensive range of these exquisite strands. Curious to know what makes them so extraordinary? This blog holds all the answers.

Indian hair is highly prized for its adaptability and seamlessly complements the texture of Black hair. Numerous Black women customers consider it to be the epitome of excellence. It can be effortlessly bleached to a radiant white shade, effortlessly holds curls while maintaining its lustrous shine, and effortlessly embraces any desired color. Indian hair is frequently likened to the prestigious Bugatti brand of Black hair extensions.

The hair industry is valued at $6.13 billion and prides itself on using only the finest raw materials, specifically virgin Indian Hair, which is the preferred choice for top brands producing hair extensions and wigs. The unique qualities of Indian hair make it highly sought after by black women, and in this blog, we will explore why that is.

Why Is Indian Hair Preferred Over Others?

                               Indian hair: Epitome of quality ( Priyanka Chopra)


Virgin human hair from India is a rare find, known for its flexibility, thickness, and shine. It can be styled in any way you desire and will still look beautiful. These real hair extensions blend seamlessly with almost any type of hair, especially Caucasian hair, and are resistant to tangling.

They are a cost-effective option for those looking to enhance their hair. Collected from temples as offerings to the Gods, Indian human hair is auctioned and sold to the highest bidder before being transformed into desired hair extensions, bundles, or wigs. With natural colors ranging from black to dark brown, each bundle may have slight color variations.

Customers worldwide appreciate Indian hair for its length, softness, quality, and texture. Thanks to the low labor costs in India, hair manufacturers can offer these extensions at a more affordable price compared to other countries. African-American women looking for stunning wavy styles will find Indian hair to be a great choice, as it is smooth, light, and easy to flat iron and curl.


Let's check some commonquest ons with uncommon anwers!

Is Indian Hair Good For Extensions And Wigs?

1. Extensions and wigs made from Indian hair are highly sought after due to their natural thickness and versatile texture, ranging from straight to wavy to curly. Additionally, Indian hair provides good volume, making it an ideal choice for extensions and wigs.

How Long Does Hair Extensions Made From India Last?

2. The lifespan of hair extensions made from Indian hair can vary depending on the care and maintenance they receive. With proper care, Indian hair extensions can last anywhere from 1 year to 2 years. The duration of wear also plays a role, with sew-in extensions lasting around 6-8 months and clip-in extensions lasting up to a year.

Where Does Indian Hair Come From?

3. The majority of Indian hair is sourced from temples in southern parts of India, where individuals offer their hair as a religious ritual. These hair are then auctioned and sold to the highest bidder, eventually making their way to western countries where they are transformed into high-quality hair extensions and wigs. Indian vendors also acquire hair from barber shops or salons, known as fallen hair.

What Are The Characteristics Of Indian Human Hair?

4. Indian human hair is predominantly wavy, occasionally straight, and has a coarse texture. The color of Indian hair ranges from brown to black, making it compatible with various braiding and weaving hair styles, particularly for black women.

Can You Color Indian Hair Extensions?

5. Yes, you can color Indian hair extensions. They can be treated with regular hair dyes, yielding the same results as your natural hair. Since Indian hair is human hair, it responds to dyes and chemical treatments in a similar manner.




Why Bodied Hair Is The Best In Business?

Bodied Hair is a brand that prioritizes providing top-notch hair extensions and wigs to its customers. We also sale clothing for women, men, kids, much more, we are the next Yummy extensions, Indique , and Fashion nova, Shein coming up in the this industry. We have the same vendors, but offer at a cheaper and affordable pricing.

Unlike many other companies, Bodied By Mish Collection goes the extra mile by owning and operating their own factories, both overseas and domestically, ensuring complete control over the entire process. Their Bodied collection is a testament to their commitment to quality, offering customers completely natural and untouched hair extensions made from virgin Indian Remy Hair.

This hair can be easily styled with hot tools and will always return to its natural state. Indique Hair takes pride in never including synthetic hair or animal fibers in their products, and they never mix hair of different lengths. Instead, they carefully select the best quality hair for export to the USA and Europe, always using the donor's natural hair length. With all these exceptional qualities, it's no wonder that Bodied Hair is the top choice for women across the US.