Bodied By Mish Hair Collection is human hair company supplying 100% human hair top high quality: Raw hair and virgin hair chosen carefully and clear origin Vietnamese hair, Cambodia, Bruma aka Burmese, Brazilian, Peruvian and LAO hair. With more than 10 years experiences in making hair and supplying hair to worldwide, especially, our love to making human hair styles skillfully many years, we always supply the best quality to everyone around the world. We understand clients demand and the most important thing is quality ( no tangling, no shedding, no chemical, no silicon) and processing time and shipping time are needed. We promised that we always bring sastification for all customers about quality as well as customer service.

BODIED BY MISH wants to encourage woman to feel comfortable and beautiful with their hair. We provide only the highest grade of 100% Raw Human Hair sourced directly from one donor.

 BODIED BY MISH specializes in beautiful luxurious length hair up to 50 inches. In addition to providing the best bundles we also have a luxurious line of High end WIGS. Our quality and texture is superior and incomparable. We only offer hair with the cuticle layers facing the same direction from root to tip. While we understand that hair quality is very important, we also want you know that a good customer experience is just as important. Our customers trust us to continue to provide them with incredible quality and support !

BBM is a NJ based human hair distributor specializing in quality human hair extensions, skincare , and clothing boutique. 

We offer an array of hair textures and patterns for women of all ethnicities.

With over a decade of experience in the hair business, we continue to challenge the hair industry and set trends. Some of the more popular closure sizes you may have seen on the market such as the 5x5 and 6×6 were created by us. We wanted to provide our clients with a product that offered more versatility such as HD wigs, Swiss lace, transparent lace, . There are different types of hair we offer and can email if not on site which is :

2. Virgin hair - 2ND BEST IN THE MARKET
Single drawn: 40% same length
4. Double drawn: 60% same length
5. Super double drawn: 80% same length

We are not just another hair boutique looking to turn a buck. Our company is operated by women who have a passion for everything beauty and putting a smile on our clients face. We are dge advocates for the community and are ays looking for ways to give back, uplift and inspire.

Aside from selling high quality products, building client relationships is very important to our brand We want to know you on a first name basis. Trust and loyalty means the world to us!



We've had a few celebrities rock our extensions, closure and frontals, but that's not what we are here for. Fact is, celebrities do not pay for their hair! Since they are always changing their look they never get a chance to appreciate the quality or give an honest review. Our brand is built around actual customers, the everyday working girl who values every dollar she spends.


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