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Edge Entity Hair Follicle Stimulant

Edge Entity Hair Follicle Stimulant

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How do I use the Follicle Stimulant, and how often do I apply it to my hair?

Our Follicle Stimulant Cream should be applied twice daily to a clean foundation. You don’t have to necessarily wash your hair before applying. You can simply clean the areas with a damp washcloth if you have other products on the area you're treating, and then gently massage the cream into the area.


Does the Follicle Stimulant work on all parts of the hair?
Yes, we put emphasis on the edges, simply because it is one of the hardest areas to grow. Keep in mind that Edge Entity is a scalp stimulant. So it doesn't thicken the hair that you already have. Instead, you will grow thicker, fuller hair from your scalp. Our Follicle Stimulant Cream can also be applied to eyebrows as well. Thank you so much for inquiring!


Does this help for alopecia?

Most of our customers with alopecia see really good results! However because it is and autoimmune condition, the hair may grow back in the area treated and then later another spot may form in a totally different area. A lot of our customers have had success with autoimmune conditions (alopecia, hypo/hyperthyroidism, lupus, cancer, and many more) which are considered  internal issues, meaning the hair loss was not caused from external damage. However, because these conditions are internal  affecting your hormones and hair growth, we cannot prevent the hairloss, we can only help start new hair growth. We don't guarantee results, because everyone is different, but I do advise that if you'd like to try, try the smaller size in a small area to see how it works for a few weeks. If there is growth, then it is possible to grow the rest of your hair. I hope this helps!


Cucumber distilled water (aloe barbadensis extract) natural aloe vera juice, (mentha piperita) peppermint oil, (cocos nucifera) natural coconut oil, (nasturtium officinale) watercress seed oil, (moringa oleifera) moringa oil, simmondsia chinensis) jojoba oil, hemp seed oil, (macadamia integrifolia) macadamia seed oil, (vitis vinifera) grapeseed oil, persea Americana) avocado oil, (salvia rosmarinus) rosemary oleoresin, ricinus communis) hydrogenated castor oil, black willow bark extract, provitamin b5, vitamin A retinol, vitamin C encapsulated, tocopherol (vitamin E), glycerin, allantoin, tetrasodium EDTA, palm stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate SE, xanthum gum.


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