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Raw Burmese Ocean Wave

Raw Burmese Ocean Wave

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Our Burma Curly is definitely a SHOW STOPPER! Luxurious, Bouncy, Pillow soft curls will give you a Bold and Sexy look. Due to the RAW nature of our hair, the wave pattern and color may vary from bundle to bundle.

Origin : Myanmar 


3c Curl Pattern

Weight : 3.5oz/ Bundle

Lengths Available : 16-30"

Color : Varies from 1b (brown) to Natural Black

Medium- Low Luster

Cut From Single Donor

NO Synthetic Fibers

Double Drawn | Flat Wefts

Tangle Free & Minimal Shedding With Proper Care

Longevity: 5-8 years

Curl Pattern Reverts Once Washed After Straightening

*3 Bundles Can Be Used for Lengths 16-24"

*4 Bundles Can Be Used for Lengths 26-30"


Voluminous, Versatile Curls

With our bouncy Burmese Curly Bundles, you'll have everything you need to take on any style with ease. Whether you're looking for a new everyday look or something for a special occasion, these curly bundles are perfect for creating beautiful, bouncy curls that will turn heads everywhere you go. Plus, they can easily be flat ironed for a more polished look – and will revert to their natural wave pattern once you're done. 

Here’s Why You’ll Love this

Versatile: We know that feeling when you wake up and your hair is just not cooperating. But with our Burmese Curly Bundles, you can rock any style you want – whether it’s a sleek bun or loose waves

✓ Dye & style: You can dye and heat style this hair bundle without causing damage. Shampooing and conditioning will help keep it healthy and looking its best.

✓ Raw and unprocessed: When you purchase our natural hair, you can be sure that it is 100% raw and unprocessed. This means that the integrity of the hair has been preserved, and it will look and feel more natural than processed hair.

✓ Can be straightened: If you choose to straighten this hair, simply use a flat iron and enjoy sleek, straight locks that will last all day long. When you're ready to switch things up, simply wash your hair and allow it to air dry for gorgeous, loose curls that are full of body and bounce.

Recommended bundles based on length:

Each bundle weighs roughly 3.0-3.5 oz.

12"-14" - 2 Bundles 

16"-20" - 3 Bundles

20"-24" - 4 Bundles

26"-30" - 5 Bundles


Extensions offers the highest quality Burmese human hair extensions.


Why you would love this texture:

  • Origin: Myanmar (formerly known as Burma)
  • Defined waves that form into beautiful ringlets
  • 3c curl pattern
  • Luxurious silky texture
  • Medium-high luster  
  • 100% raw and unprocessed human hair 
  • NO synthetic fibers  
  • Hair cut directly from a single donor
  • Double drawn and single wefts
  • Flat and secure wefts
  • Easy styling 
  • Longevity: 3-5 years or more with proper care and maintenance
  • Tangle-free and minimal shedding with proper care
  • Available in natural black and dark brown
  • Offers versatility in styling
  • Hair can be straightened and dyed 
  • Can be pressed out bone straight and revert once washed
  • Re-usable
  • Fast shipping 
  • Lengths available: 12-30 inches (measured pulled straight)
  • Weight: 3-3.5oz per bundle
  • Priced per bundle
  • Simply a masterpiece!


Hair Expert Notes:

Due to the raw nature of our hair, the wave pattern and color tone may vary from bundle to bundle. We suggest purchasing your complete set in one transaction to ensure consistency and adding order notes at checkout. Order notes are not guaranteed, however, our fulfillment processors will do their very best to accommodate your requests(s). Additionally, the excess thread is left on the edges of these bundles to allow for a more secure weft.  This is not an indication of a defective product.  Find maintenance and product recommendations for this item here. The price advertised is for one bundle only.  This is not a wig or a unit.

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