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Straight Tape-ins for Women Who Demand the Perfect Look

Get that voluptuous, luxurious, sexy natural hair you've always wanted. Our Vietnamese Straight Tape-ins are the perfect solution for people with textures like silky soft, high luster, and natural black color. Tape-ins add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any hairstyle. Our Silky Soft hair is luxurious, Raw, and unprocessed. It's the perfect natural choice for those who want their hair to look and feel luxurious. The Luster is High, enhancing the hair's shine and making it look more voluminous. The Color is Natural Black, ensuring that your extensions will look natural and won't fade over time. Our Inclusion of 40 tape-ins per pack means you will get plenty of them to get started.

Here’s Why You’ll Love This

✓ Silky Soft Texture: Our straight tape-ins have a silky soft texture that blends smoothly with most natural hair textures.

✓ High Luster: Our tape-ins have a high luster, giving your hair a healthy and natural-looking shine.

✓ Natural Black Color: Our tape-ins come in a natural black color, which can be easily colored and heat styled to match your own hair.

✓ Longevity: Installed extensions can last up to 8-12 weeks with proper care.

Purchase Recommendations

  • 60 tape-ins for a natural looking full install 
  • 80 tape-ins for a voluminous maximum full install 
  • Left over tape-ins can be used for touch ups and maintenance

We recommend consulting a hair stylist who specializes in tape-in installations for proper install and maintenance prior to purchase.

Priced per pack

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